Digital Storytelling Arts

Digital Storytelling Arts


Stepped up police surveillance and incarceration are not the most effective strategies for dealing with our gang problem. Poor social conditions contribute to gang involvement but may not be entirely blamed for our gang problems. Only a small percentage of our youth living in poor social conditions join gangs. Crimes committed by individuals should be prosecuted rather than the targeting of a social group – urban youth. At the same time, those likely to join gangs and others should be offered support for their aspirations and opportunities to better their lives.

Reflecting these objectives, strategies that are future orientated and that provide exposure to alternatives that may lead to employment, pride in self, self-esteem related to positive accomplishments, and that which facilitates the creation of alternative positive images of youth are promising. Offering young people the opportunity to explore their heritage through the arts, to develop a working knowledge of media and its use, and a chance to learn about the basics of visual arts, to create and tell a digital story about themselves and their lives is a step in that direction.


This arts workshop will explore photography, short film, popular and music videos, social media, magazine advertisements, mainstream news stories, popular music forms (rap, hip hop, R & B) and other forms of visual arts in an effort to deconstruct these art forms, unearth negative messages and portrayals of urban youth and to question their social value.

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