Our Programs

Gang Awareness 101

This workshop takes an interventional approach to gang awareness while recognizing the various social forces and settings that contribute to the formation of the thinking, attitudes, behavior and activities linked to gang involvement

Anger Management

This workshop is an opportunity to provide program participants with a general knowledge about anger and its consequences. They are also given tips on how to recognize anger cues and how to manage their anger.

Stop the Bullying

These anti bullying workshops is designed to enlist young people, parents, educators, and community residents in a dialogue about bullying, cyber bullying, sexting or its other manifestations. Workshop facilitators also suggest ways for the youth to help prevent bullying among their friends and in places where they frequent. 

Teen Violence

This workshop is designed to provide information about the causes of various forms of interpersonal violence among teenagers, including dating violence. This is prevalent among at risk youth and can often lead to a cycle of violence in adulthood. Participants are taught to expect the best for themselves and how to recognize those elements that make up a healthy relationship.

Fighting against Obesity

The workshop on obesity has been developed recognizing that obesity is a national public health problem and needs a strong approach. The workshop incorporates information about nutrition, physical activity, and other activities to build positive self-images and self-esteem as ways to combat obesity.

Digital story arts

This workshop explores photography, short film, music videos and social media. It will also deconstruct current visual media such as advertising , and mainstream news stories, teaching participants to unearth negative messages and portrayals of urban youth while questioning their social value. They are also provided an overview of available employment options in art fields including video production, music production and new media opportunities.

HIV/AID Awareness and prevention

The educational HIV/AIDS and STD awareness workshops aim to improve young peoples knowledge of HIV/AIDS. It will also teach them practices and behaviors necessary to prevent the contraction and spread of HIV/AIDS and other STD’S

Hidden Dangers-Drug

Alcohol and drug abuse among young people in gangs severely limits their chances for a better life. Substance Use is often considered to be a coming-of-age for many adolescents. Unfortunately, This “harmless” experimentation often has serious consequences. The alarming rise in the incidence of substance abuse among the most potentially productive members of our community requires strong efforts to counter this trend. 

What to do if you are stopped by the police

A workshop that provides information on what to do if you are stopped, questioned, arrested, or injured in an encounter with the police, and how to file a complaint. 

Looking for the perfect beat

This workshop is designed to give participants information and experience when it comes to DJing, from DJ’s who have had history in the business. This course will equip them with the knowledge, history, and tools needed to become a dj and promote themselves. Also, how to read and develop contracts which will help them make it in the industry.

Clarifying Values

This workshop encourages participants to reflect upon how their values shapes their lives by offering them an opportunity to consider what values are, examine how personal values influence their decision making, and which of their values are important to them and others. 

Positive Impact Movement Mentoring Workshop

Character development activities targeted for high school students who require training that is relevant to establishing appropriate values, beliefs and building a sense of self. PM has incorporated designed workshops to produce human development activities that can be facilitated in eight-week cycles.


The MAAX program(a social development curriculum for college and career planning) is a classroom-based social development program designed to inspire and motivate middle and highschool students to succeed in developing their academic potential and defining their educational goals.

Civic engagement and youth empowerment

Using the youth empowerment solutions for peaceful communities curriculum that focused on developing leadership skills,self-esteem, and the ability to facilitate youth involvement in the Queensbridge Houses Resident Association and other civic engagement activities.