What To Do If You’re Stopped by the Police

What to do if stopped by the police?


What to do if stopped by the police? That is a question many have asked following incomprehensible shootings and killings of community residents like: Amaddou Diallo, Sean Bell, and the atrocious crime committed on Abner Louima.

It’s important however to note that most police officers are decent professionals who are committed to serving the community and conducting themselves as New York’s finest. They deserve our gratitude, our trust and our support and respect. The big problem we face however, is that we never know when the officer who stops us is the “model cop”, or a “rogue cop”. While we all recognize the need for effective law enforcement, we should also understand our own rights and responsibilities, especially in our interactions with the police. Being stopped by the cops is scary.

This workshop is meant to provide you with information you need to know to safeguard your rights when you are dealing with the police, and could possibly save your life.


The general goals of the workshop are to:

  • Inform participants that they can protect themselves if they have an encounter with the police.
  • Inform participants about appropriate and inappropriate behaviors when encountering the police
  • Inform participants about their rights when encountering the police

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