Looking for The Perfect Beat (The Art of DJ’ing)

Looking For The Perfect Beat?


When it comes to Hip Hop DJing or should I say “being a DJ” is a big part of music as a whole. This workshop will review the foundation of Hip Hop from a DJ’s point of view. The class will explore the evolution of not only the DJ, but the evolution of the equipment now used, from regular turntables to compact disc.

The history of turntables will be taught through a combination of lectures and demonstrations. Participants will learn about DJ hardware and equipment as well as how to set up turntables and CD decks. Our facilitators will also teach how to integrate computers into the various forms of hardware and equipment. The class will also cover music production and how certain popular DJ’s have become top notch producers in the industry.

The class not only covers past knowledge through lectures, it also covers how to become a DJ in today’s society along with the Intricacies of the DJing industry, from bookings to reading contracts and creating one’s own DJ set and self-promotion. These series of workshops covers it all.


The goals and purpose of the workshop is to give participants information and experience when it comes to DJing from DJ’s who have had history in the business. This course will equip them with the knowledge, history, and tools needed to become a DJ and make it in this industry.

  • It will increase their knowledge of the industry
  • It will teach them what it takes to become a popular DJ/Producer and self-promote themselves.
  • How to read contracts / clauses in contracts and protect them when securing gigs.
  • How important it is to know equipment, troubleshoot / integrate equipment and or any equipment that has to be used.

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