Friends for Life

The King of Kings Foundation celebrates the annual barbecue event at the Norelli-Hargreaves Playground in Jamaica, across the street from where the Feurtado brothers originally grew up). The key goal of the annual event is to encourage a violence-free area so community families could become more closely involved with one another. If we can bridge the gap and have everyone meet and get to know each other, it ceases the violence.

For the King of Kings founders, Todd Feurtado said by bringing the community together, he and his brother could pay back a debt they owe to the community.

“Sometimes, people can’t seem to co-exist together,” he said. “When we say friends for life, we mean it!”

The event was started more than a decade ago. With as many as 2,500 people passing through and enjoying the music, food and friendship, some of those who attended said the barbecue brought something the area needs a heaping dose of: Love.

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