Anti-Drug & Anti-Gang Warriors Tour

The King of Kings Foundation (Foundation) has designed a Gang Warrior Tour that utilizes a comprehensive approach to address the multitude of issues that face our youth, much in line with DASA, the Dignity for All Student Act sign into law by Governor David Patterson in 2010. The Foundation also used The MAAX (Maximizing Adolescent Academic Excellence) curriculum developed by the Consultation Center at Yale University. MAAX is a culturally relevant, science-based affective program that utilizes a developmental assets approach to support the academic and affective needs of urban adolescents. Through the integration of challenging academics and innovative affective programing, this project seeks to improve students’ school performance by: (a) developing requisite skills for optimal school performance, (b) increasing self-esteem and sense of self-efficacy in mastering academic tasks, (c) improving educational engagement, (d) strengthening bonding to school and peers, (e) increasing knowledge and awareness of college as a viable option, (f) and heightening educational aspirations.
The program is also designed to challenge negative myths and misconceptions many young people hold about who they are and their ability to achieve academically, and provide opportunities for youth to demonstrate success in designing and implementing projects that showcase their special skills, abilities, and talents. Using the MAAX curriculum and other educational approaches, we have been able to engage our scholars in discussions about Goal Setting, Celebrating Cultural Differences, Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, the Importance of Education, Time Management, Growth vs. Fixed Mindset, and the Transition to High School and College.
The motivation for our approach is based upon the idea that young people should never be exposed to harassment and or discrimination from their peers or staff they encounter in a learning environment based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or other characteristics. In addition to the use of the MAXX curriculum, our efforts include community mobilization, social intervention and opportunities for educational and vocational advancements. These strategies have demonstrated to be among the best practices relative to gang prevention and other models employed to deter bullying, cyberbullying, sexting or its other manifestations.
To accomplish the goals of the GW Tour, the programs offered will provide schools, libraries, recreational centers, community centers, youth detention centers and community members with information, and skills to lay the foundation for a community network that is able to access and best utilize existing prevention and intervention resources. The GW Tour Program will give youth we encounter a clearer picture of the consequences of selling drugs and will also work to dispel the myth that the becoming involved in the sale of drugs and gang activity equal happiness, riches and prosperity.

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